Watching this little guy today…

Watching this little guy today…


Daniel Radcliffe at the Copenhagen Premiere of What If (x)

Interviewer: You took your time out there!
Dan: Well, there’s a lot of people out there! So I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but — they’ve been waiting even longer

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Angus & Julia Stone Grizzly Bear
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50 Plays

// The one about books//

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In addition
This is a secret
So I didn’t tell you…
I’m also
Working on a book
This will be my first
So…I guess
You have something to look forward to.

Thanks so much for your support
You all have been…

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I was taken
To the graves
To see what
The dead see
When they look
At us.


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Rosa Parks

Untitled | by: { Mike Gregory }


Untitled | by: { Mike Gregory }

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Lawyers, doctors, plumbers, they made all the money. Writers? Writers starved. Writers suicided. Writers went mad. ~ Charles Chubowski.